Statement on Product Safety

Scents elicit some of the most emotional responses of all the senses. Through scents, we can recall familiar moments in our lives and refresh our spirit. Because scent is so powerful and personal, the fragrance industry appreciates that consumers may be curious about the ingredients in fragranced products.

The fragrance industry is committed to transparency and consumer knowledge. The International Fragrance Association details all the ingredients utilized by its members on the IFRA Transparency List (LINK: This list is freely available for anyone to read and review. Perfumers utilize this “palette” to mix and match ingredients to create scents enjoyed all over the world.

We remain committed to providing high quality and safe fragrances. For nearly fifty years, the industry has led the charge on safety with its robust management program that generates and evaluates data, considers consumer use of ingredients, and restricts or bans materials when scientifically necessary.

We believe that robust regulatory oversight is essential to support the industry. In the United States, the fragrance industry is regulated by a plethora of government agencies including the Environmental Protection Agency, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Food & Drug Administration, Department of Transportation. States and local jurisdictions also play a role in regulating the industry and its products.

We believe in the continuous review and modernization of foundational regulations. The International Fragrance Association, North America is committed to ensuring our members follow the most up-to-date practices in safety and manufacturing. This responsibility is shown through constant updates to the industry’s strict internal regulatory program as well as working to modernize the foundational regulations enforced by government agencies.

Additionally, the International Fragrance Association, North America currently supports the bipartisan efforts to modernize the Toxic Substances Control Act, which would give the Environmental Protection Agency the ability to test new ingredients prior to their sale. We are also working with Congress to ensure the Food and Drug Administration has authority to work closer with industry to determine if any ingredient has an adverse effect.

We remain committed to providing safe products. The fragrance industry develops scents under the robust IFRA Code of Practice and formulates them using formal Good Manufacturing Practices. These practices are used to mitigate health and safety concerns.

We are proud to play an important role in the lives of consumers who use and enjoy scents everyday. We look forward to providing safe and enjoyable fragrances for years to come.

About IFRA North America

IFRA North America represents over 90% of all fragrances developed and sold in the United States and Canada. Our member companies create and manufacture fragrances and scents for home care, personal care, home design and industrial and institutional products, all of which are marketed by consumer goods companies. IFRA North America also represents companies that supply fragrance ingredients, such as essential oils and other raw materials, used in perfumery and fragrance mixtures.