Statement by Farah K. Ahmed, President & CEO, IFRANA on SB 258 in the California Legislature

WASHINGTON, DC – IFRANA today released the following statement by President and CEO Farah K. Ahmed regarding the introduction of SB 258 in the California Legislature:

“Requiring blanket fragrance formulation disclosure does not make products safer; it puts jobs at risk and increases the likelihood of dangerous counterfeit products entering the marketplace.

Safety is the backbone of the fragrance industry. Fragrance materials are one of the most highly tested in the consumer product marketplace. For nearly fifty years, the fragrance industry has led the charge on safety with its robust management program that generates and evaluates data, considers consumer use of ingredients, and restricts or bans materials when scientifically necessary. More information on fragrance safety here.

Creative artistry is the lifeblood of the fragrance industry. SB 258 makes no provision for the protection of proprietary formulas that would easily be stolen by counterfeiters looking to make a quick profit off of the efforts of perfumers who have often spent years crafting a fragrance. A fragrance house’s ability to protect their formulations allows our industry to employ over 35,000 women and men, support independent farmers in California, the U.S., and the developing world, and protect the world’s biodiversity.

SB 258 appears well-intended, but it undermines consumer safety, California growers and farmers, jobs, consumer choice and the environment. We hope to work with California legislators to avoid unintended negative impacts on Californians and the California economy.”

The International Fragrance Association North America represents the vast majority of all fragrances developed and sold in the United States and Canada. Its member companies create and manufacture fragrances and scents for home care, personal care, home design and industrial and institutional products, all of which are marketed by consumer goods companies. IFRANA also represents companies that supply fragrance ingredients, such as essential oils and other raw materials, used in perfumery and fragrance mixtures. IFRANA has represented the interests of the fragrance industry in Washington, D.C. since the 1920s.

Summer Johnson