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Benefits of Membership

  • Networking & Business Interaction – Through Association-sponsored events and committee meetings IFRA North America presents opportunities to foster connections among those who share common business interests. We provide a forum to come together to make new business connections, share information, address collective challenges, and set a common direction.
  • Discount on Events – As a member of IFRA North America, you will enjoy a 30% discount on registration for Association events over nonmembers.
  • Access to Information – Members of IFRA North America receive up to date information on the issues that matter to your company through daily email communications, quarterly newsletters, educational seminars and webinars, and much more!
  • Compliance Assistance – As the legislative and regulatory environment becomes increasingly complex, IFRA North America distills the key points of these requirements and communicates those to its membership. Through workshops, webinars, FAQ documents, guides and best practices and others IFRA North America is continuously helping to ensure compliance across disciplines that are important to its members.
  • Protection of Your Right to Formulate, Innovate and Compete in Today’s Global Marketplace – Through its active advocacy and public relations programs, IFRA North America protects your intellectual property and supports the ingredients and products of your business.
  • Advocacy and Awareness Building – As the voice for the fragrance industry, IFRA North America supports its members by helping to protect and enhance their reputation of the overall industry with policy makers and media outlets.

Become a Member

The IFRA North America community is comprised of two types of membership:

Active Membership

  • Active members are those persons, corporations, and firms engaged in the manufacture and sale of all fragrance mixtures or fragrance ingredients and the sale of such products in North America, other than at retail. For purposes of this section, “manufacture” includes blending and repacking.

Associate Membership

  • Associate members are persons, corporations, and firms engaged in the business of fragrance who do not otherwise qualify for active membership, and who are able to assist in promoting and carrying out the purposes of the Association.

For details on specific membership qualifications and dues categories, please contact Jane Wishneff at

Code of Practice

Members of IFRA North America follow the IFRA Code of Practice and Standards as defined by the International Fragrance Association. For a copy of the Code of Practice, click here.

This is what our Members are Saying!

9 of 10 attendees report making a business connection at our primary networking events!

IFRA NA is a tremendous resource to me. I have been in the Fragrance industry for almost 40 years and appreciate the assistance and support provided by this Association more than ever. I am currently employed by a mid-sized global company which makes the value provided by IFRA NA extremely beneficial. I welcome the opportunity to participate on several committees and task forces for key issues that impact our business. Whether it is an in-person meeting, task force conference call or webinar; the education, training, and dissemination of timely information provide the avenue to remain informed and knowledgeable on critical subjects.

Regulatory Affairs Director

Over the past few years, IFRA NA has established a new identity, a new entity and a self-sufficient corporate structure. All of this is enhancing the industry’s visibility and efficacy across our entire business model. We are light years ahead of where we were, and for this, I thank our members, our Board, our staff and prior leadership.

Executive Vice President, Consumer Products, North America

Having worked in the fragrance industry for more than 20 years, I can easily say the resources provided by IFRA NA are invaluable, especially since our company is a small-medium sized corporation. Several months back, when Health Canada set out to reassess the labeling and safety of Reed Diffusers, it was the IFRA NA staff, who helped us navigate through Health Canada’s tricky audit process. Realizing there was a need within the membership, the IFRA NA staff convinced Health Canada to host a webinar to answer several of our questions. More recently, their knowledge and ability to stay current with the constant changes occurring within the EPA’s DfE program have solidified IFRA NA’s place as an integral part of our regulatory team and business. Our company could not be happier with the help and knowledge that IFRA NA offers, and without them, we wouldn’t be able to advise our customers accordingly.

Regulatory Technician