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2013 “Symphony of Senses” on Capitol Hill

Symphony of Scents 6

In mid-November, IFRA NA hosted a very successful and high-profile perfumery event on Capitol Hill.

The event featured perfumers Calice Becker (Givaudan), Christopher Diienno (drom) and Heather Sims (Arylessence) who showcased their fragrance creations which matched unique music genres.

Our perfumers were hosts to 9 Members of Congress and over 250 guests. Among them, legislative staff, representatives of various regulatory Agencies, media, social and political commentators, customer associations and other Washington D.C. insiders.

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2014 IFRA North America in Sacramento, California


IFRA NA recently held two successful events in a key U.S. State – California (CA). Our scientific and educational Workshop for CA regulators and our perfumery event for policy makers were designed to highlight the fragrance industry, the fragrance materials stewardship program and the science behind the unique art of fragrance creation.

IFRA NA’s team greatly appreciates the support of our members – Arylessence, drom, Firmenich, Givaudan, IFF, Robertet, and Symrise – and the participation of our colleagues from RIFM in both events. The fragrance industry leaders led the discussions throughout the day and helped us to solidify the perception of how unique and authentic the fragrance industry is and to encourage the appreciation of the craft of perfumery.

Here is a brief recap of our Advocacy Day in CA:

The IFRA NA Educational Workshop session started the day. It was held at California’s Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) and co-hosted by Miriam Ingenito – Acting Director of CA Department of Toxic Substances Control.

Our Workshop consisted of three panels:

The first panel’s speakers – Arnaud Adrian, Robertet and Fred Kritzer, Symrise – covered the history and evolution of the perfumery palette, the sourcing of natural materials, and examples of fragrance industry’s sustainability stories from around the world.

The second panel – Anne Marie Api, (RIFM), Dan Salvito (RIFM), Greg Adamson (Givaudan) and Shawn Blythe (IFF) – gave our audience a comprehensive overview of the industry’s safety program and the regulatory landscape it operates within.

“I haven’t been in touch to compliment you on the Fragrance Workshop. Our staff learned a great deal and were impressed by the quality of the presentations and interactions. Congratulations on its success.”

– Meredith Williams, Acting Deputy Director, Safer Products and Workplaces Program California Department of Toxic Substances Control

The mission of the last panel of the Workshop – led by Christopher Diienno (drom) and Monica Burke (Arylessence) – was to explain the process of fragrance design. It also illustrated the importance of perfumers’ intangible partnership with evaluators, as represented by Samantha Cruz (drom) and Michelle Harper (Arylessence) on the panel.

The Workshop participants got to smell some materials discussed in the presentations of the panelists (hosted by Symrise and Robertet) and asked many informed and pointed questions.

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The Perfumery Event 2014

Perfumery - 2

In the evening in Sacramento, on the steps of the State Capitol and in an elegant setting at the Sutter Club, IFRA NA held a celebration of the craft of perfumery. The industry perfumers unveiled for IFRA NA’s guests unique scents they created inspired by nature, vistas, and crops native to California.

With the creations by Monica Aneiros-Burke (Arylessence) and Christopher Diienno (drom), our team illustrated to CA policy makers how important their State is to the craft of perfumery in the U.S. and worldwide.

Evaluators Samantha Cruz (drom) and Michelle Harper (Arylessence) joined their respective perfumers to share with our guests the importance of finding the balance between client needs and creative spirit of the perfumers.

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