Branding & Communications Executive Committee

Mission Statement

In support of the overall mission of the Association:
To foster and advocate for the fragrance industry in the United States and Canada by promoting and supporting the safety, sustainability and integrity of our products.

IFRA North America’s Communications Committee will:

  • Set priorities to guide communications, educational programs and consumer outreach activities of the fragrance industry in North America
  • Advise IFRANA staff on promotion and defense of the industry, its products, and its trade association, including:
    • Promotion of the emotional benefits of fragrance and the enjoyment of fragranced products by consumers
    • Emphasis on the social and economic impacts of the fragrance industry and the role fragrance plays in the development of widely accepted consumer, specialty and institutional products
    • Translation of complex chemical language into ideas and concepts that can be easily communicated and clearly understood by the general public.
  • Contribute to development and distribution of the industry’s policy and advocacy positions, strategies and activities
  • Direct IFRANA’s communications with members and prospective members about the association’s activities
  • Support IFRANA’s liaison with allied trade associations through building relationships and alliances with other third parties