About IFRA North America

IFRA North America represents the fragrance materials industry in the United States and Canada.

IFRA North America member companies create and manufacture perfumes and fragrances for personal care, home care and home design products. Companies that supply fragrance ingredients, such as essential oils, aromatic chemicals and other raw materials, are also IFRA North America members, as are other businesses supporting perfumery.

IFRA North America advocates on behalf of the global fragrance industry. We interact with legislative and regulatory bodies and other stakeholders in the US and Canada and – through our affiliation with IFRA Global – worldwide.

The primary focus of the fragrance industry is to ensure the safe use of fragrance ingredients and the industry’s products. That is why IFRA North America’s member companies are strongly committed to the IFRA Code of Practice – the highest safety and environmental standards for fragrance manufacturing and fragrance ingredients.

In addition, IFRA North America’s work on behalf of its members is closely coordinated with the fragrance industry’s scientific authority – The Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM), which has been conducting scientific research and developing safety profiles for fragrance materials and their uses for more than forty years.

Combining the art and the science of making fragrances, our members create a universe of products enjoyed with confidence, by millions of consumers every day.